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“Brag About Your Bag” A Huge Success

Shopper with reusable shopping bag

The County of Los Angeles’s Department of Public Works program to educate the public about the need to use reusable bags and recycle plastic bags has come to a very successful end.

The “Brag About Your Bag” program ran November 15 thru December 17, 2009, and resulted in 50, 000 reusable bags being given away at fifty supermarket locations. 51 cities committed to participating in the program. At each supermarket location shoppers were encouraged to exchange 5 plastic bags for a free reusable bag.

Approximately 6 billion single use plastic bags are used in Los Angels County each year. As a result 45,000 tons of single use plastic bags are disposed of by the county’s residents.

During the “Brag About Your Bag” program, a total of 30, 000 plastic bags were exchanged for reusable plastic bags. Staffers at Department of Public Works plan to use the bag collected to build the world’s biggest plastic bag ball.

EarthShare California was one of the participating campaign partners. EarthShare wishes to thank KLOVE 107.5, LA Nueva 101.9, ESPN 710am, Waste Management, The Gas Co, Green is Universal, Sanitation Districts of LA County, Heal the Bay, Ralphs, HOWS, Albertsons, Top Valu, Valu Plus, ABC 7, One Bag at a Time, EarthWise Bags, Luke Walton, Laker Girls and Department of Public Works. Click here for more information about “Brag About Your Bag.”