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CampaignSpotlight: County of Los Angeles

The County of Los Angeles has run a workplace giving campaign for almost 40 years. It is very important to their employees and that is demonstrated by their continued commitment year after year. The campaign raises one million dollars annually and EarthShare and our member charities receive donations from the thousands of generous County of Los Angeles employees.

In this 100% voluntary campaign employees are able to give through payroll deduction, cash and checks. However, the County's Office of Workplace Programs offers a number of fundraising options that benefit the campaign, such as discounted rates on Dodger tickets, Disneyland and various other items. This campaign is a campaign that literally has something for everyone.

What is remarkable about this campaign is that they have tremendous support from important County of Los Angeles leaders. The CEO himself has been known to come out to events for the campaign and various departments always have their directors present. When employees can see that management cares enough to be involved it makes it much easier to consider contributing themselves. We at EarthShare California want to congratulate the County on the success of their Charitable Giving Campaign and wish you many years of success to come. Thanks for all you do for us!