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Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

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Butte Environmental Council

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Greenbelt Alliance

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Natural Resources Defense Council

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Surfrider Foundation

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Greenbelt Alliance

Greenbelt Alliance takes a unique approach. We believe that the key to preserving precious open space and farmland lies within our cities and suburbs. To protect our greenbelt, we must take action on two fronts: we must draw the line on sprawl; and we must encourage smart growth inside that line, within our existing communities.

Here are some of the successes our members made possible this past year:

Protecting Open Spaces

  • Forced the city of Oakley to reconsider a dangerous housing development. Oakley must undertake a more extensive environmental review of the development planned on farmland below sea level thanks to a lawsuit contesting the validity of Oakley’s Environmental Impact Report.
  • Adopted a strong agricultural mitigation policy in Santa Clara County. This policy strongly recommends that cities preserve one acre of land for every acre paved over. On October 3, the Local Agency Formation Commission will decide how broadly it defines agricultural uses.
  • Stopped massive development on working farmlands outside Sonoma’s Urban Growth Boundary. The development would have paved over important agricultural land and incurred an immense cost: $148 million. Greenbelt Alliance is working with a broad coalition to find a better location for the hospital in town, instead of out in the greenbelt.

Promoting Vibrant Places

  • Compact Development Team endorsed numerous livable communities. This support helped assure diverse, sustainable neighborhoods throughout the Bay Area, including an exemplary project near CalTrain in San Mateo. Livable communities improve access to jobs, save consumers money, and make it possible for young people to stay in the Bay Area.
  • Ensured good community planning for Santa Rosa’s rail station. Greenbelt Alliance worked with key allies to get the Santa Rosa planning commission to pass a strong plan promoting walkable communities, affordable homes, and sustainable development around the planned rail station in downtown Santa Rosa.

The Bay Area is facing serious decisions about how to grow while preserving a high quality of life.

Greenbelt Alliance is putting the region on a path to smarter growth. Our approach is unlike any other. We are making on-the-ground change in communities that adds up to a better future for the entire region.

Our members take part in shaping the Bay Area’s future.

Their membership really does make a difference. It is a vote for a better Bay Area.