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EarthShare California and Your Company

Together We Can Make a World of Difference

EarthShare California in partnership with more than 200 corporate and public employers across the State is increasing employees' involvement in their communities while raising critically needed funds fo environmental organizations. Our workplace campaigns build community, excite employees and protect the environment.

We invite you to join the growing list of companies who offer their employees the opportunity to support the environment through their annual workplace charitable giving campaign.

This section provides detailed information about working with EarthShare California. In Our Partners find out which companies in California have already included Earth Share of California in their annual campaign and what corporate leaders have to say about us. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section provides in-depth answers to common questions about working with EarthShare California.

If you are considering outsourcing the management of your charitable giving campaign, please take a look at the Outsourcing.

You'll find more information about EarthShare California's member organizations and the work they do in the About Us section of this web site.

Your questions are always welcome. Touch base with our business development staff for a quick response.