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Butte Environmental Council

Founded in 1975, the Butte Environmental Council (BEC) is devoted to environmental education and information referral services, and advocacy. BEC is the region's leading environmental organization.

Butte Environmental Council is proud to have dedicated over 33 years to protecting the exceptional quality of life in the 1,670 square miles of Butte County.

This community-based, non-profit organization is managed by a board of directors, four staff members, interns and volunteers, and currently has more than 800 members.

The 30th Annual Endangered Species Faire, BEC’s largest environmental event, will be held Saturday May 2, 2009 in Cedar Grove in Bidwell Park (Chico, CA). A photo from the Faire appears at left.

Since 1980, the Endangered Species Faire has commemorated Earth Day with a full-day of exhibits, activities, presentations and entertainment. Approximately 7,000 individuals of all ages visit and participate in Northern California's oldest annual environmental fair held at Cedar Grove in Bidwell Park. The Faire is designed to give local school classrooms, government agencies, environmental organizations and community groups a public forum to present information on ecology, wildlife and a host of environmental issues.

This year BEC celebrates thirty years of hosting and organizing the Endangered Species Faire with the theme “Diversity: It’s the Spice of Life”. This event is enjoyed by kids and people of all ages!

BEC's Goals

As outlined in BEC's mission statement, our goals include:

  • To encourage the preservation and conservation of the Earth's natural resources.
  • To foster increased public awareness of local, regional and statewide environmental issues through
    environmental education and advocacy.
  • To provide a central referral service for environmental organizations and the general public throughout
    Northern California.
  • To fund programs through membership dues, fundraising events, contracts, and community and business

BEC is a community of people dedicated to fostering environmental health and well-being for ourselves and for our children.

We educate. We advocate. And, we give back to the earth by cleaning and caring for the land and waterways of Butte County.

We fight to protect our wildlands, wildlife, parks, air, and water for future generations.

For more information on BEC or the Endangered Species Faire, please visit the BEC or ESF websites.